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Martin Daliga, Ph.D. Eng, is an expert in business efficiency improvement systems, internal audit and project management. He has effectively managed interdisciplinary teams, promoting Kenneth Blanchard's situational leadership theory. In recent years he has led teams implementing projects with budgets exceeding PLN 10 million. He has served a number of functions and roles in the biggest Polish enterprises; he names the participation of his team in projects supporting the optimisation of business processes and the increase of their competitiveness as his most significant achievement. He has over 5 years of coaching experience in creating business value and management. He is an APMG accredited PRINCE2 Trainer


my lean project vision

One minute of my work means the reduction of a thousand minutes of your losses. Searching for the most efficient path of complex project implementation through reducing the waste of potential and maximising the utilisation of allocated resources.


i create innovation and participation

Going beyond clichés and using a "lean" and adaptive approach to management processes is an important skill when working towards gaining competitive advantage. Precise evaluation of a situation, combined with endeavours to get the team to support the proposed changes, is the key to ensuring the implementation of strategic goals is properly performed, not in Excel, but in reality.


strong in social competency

Combining different styles of leadership and the selection of the most appropriate one for a given situation is the secret of excellence in business. Lean and Agile techniques signify the smart move: the team focusses on the flow of the value stream and eliminates all unnecessary steps. It means shaping the culture of a change on the basis of creative thinking and the responsibility for business objectives; I can facilitate the efficient utilisation of this potential.


delivered on time

They say time is relative; I do not believe this to be so. The project is either completed on time or it is not. I do not believe in compromise in project management. For any enterprise and its customers time has a certain business value. Time is to be taken into account and there is value in an ahead-of-deadline project completion.


eye on details

I have got some good news. The learning process can be significantly shortened using the experience of others. The benefits will not be noticed overnight; the chances of success will, however, increase greatly when your attention is properly focussed on important issues. What is my part, then? I can guarantee that the landscape after the implementation of change will look promising. I'm willing to explore ideas that will lead to your excellence.

about my work

I spend a great deal of my time helping organisations to manage projects and processes, but perhaps even more time helping them to address problems caused by inconsistent requirements, including unrealistic strategic goals or insufficient resources to realise them. It often feels like managers walk in complete darkness, not knowing what to do and how to do it, not being responsible for anything. It's time to turn the lights on and manage the organisation properly. Hence the idea for three initiatives: LeanREdesign, LeanREthink oraz LeanREwork.


working at the speed of new solutions

I focus on excelling in the skills and increasing the expertise of the employees who, having participated in interactive workshops, become capable of active involvement in the process of change and continuous improvement. LeanREwork focuses on practical aspects of management of strategy, organisation, approach to risk, business processes, change and human potential.


moving at the speed of creativity

As a business coach and trainer I notice the difficulties faced by an organisation when striving to achieve their strategic goals; especially in difficult and uncertain times; not a trivial task at all, especially in such unstable times. LeanREthink prepares leaders to make better decisions and create new paths that deliver tangible benefits to the organization. The coaching cycle consists of 6 to 10 coaching sessions, lasting approximately two hours, conducted over a period of 3 to 6 months. Individual coaching sessions designed to increase the chances of personal success are also available. Take the first step. Send us an enquiry using the contact form.


at the speed of business value

LeanREdesign philosophy means business advisory services based on the creation of management and technological solutions that increase the chances of an organization achieving its strategic goals. The compilation of expertise acquired during the years of practical work implementing numerous projects of varying levels of complexity is a definite advantage to ensuring high quality implementation of projects entrusted to me, including the development of marketing activities in Poland and Germany.


The value stream is not a process observed by an organisation; it rather signifies the results for which the client is willing to pay.


Preparation is the key element of planning; apparently redundant but necessary to capture the essence - the reasons for common action.


Noticing opportunities and eliminating hazards allow clichés to be surpassed as clichés form the ground on which competitors operate. Learn to see more and react faster.


Flexibility is the business value; it exists when there is an exchange of information. Whether or not business proposals are implemented and accepted depends on flexibility.


Let me show you how you choke your organisation and waste its potential. As difficult as may be to accept, it will surely open your eyes and inspire you to act now.

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On the 29th of November an APMG conference was held in Warsaw. I had the pleasure of representing INPROGRESS Sp. z o.o. (INPROGRESS Ltd.) as an accredited PRINCE2® methodology trainer. Photos from the conference can be found below

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